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Where did it all start?

Welcome to POP - Protecting Our Planet

An affordable way of shopping for sustainable and comfortable clothing

Little did I know that way back when, when I lived in a different country I was introduced to secondhand stores by my then mother in law. At first I was horrified that you could actually purchase used, worn clothing from a shop, I mean I'd be exposed to hand-me-downs but this was different. A few years on and you couldn't keep me out of them after having my first child. They grow so fast and most of the "recycled" clothing in these stores was new anyway!

Fast forward 20 odd years, change countries and the state of our planet. Enter POP! A range of comfortable clothing made using recycled fabrics ranging from polyester to organic cotton and even recycled plastic bottles fished out from the ocean. In a way these garments are no different from the ones in the secondhand shop, but they are new!

Buying clothing is a necessity for us all, fashion comes and goes but let's face it, these days anything and everything goes. Many of us want to shop "green" and with this in mind we've put together a variety of garments which I promise won't cost the earth - in either way - are comfortable, stylish and very affordable. POP is a leisurewear range of garments for men and women in earthy tones and bearing the POP Jellyfish logo - more on that in another post ;-).

a green world, natural environment, nature

The POP range will grow over time and we'll bring in new ideas as we go but for now, it's comfortable clothing that counts for ladies and gents!

What to look out for . . .

Look out for the Jellyfish icon representing the POP Range, it's small but carries a big message. We will be launching some ridiculous specials in time for Christmas so a perfect opportunity to spoil yourself or someone else. And if you're still on the fence about going green, here's a link to the site where you can check out what we have to offer or sign up to receive news and specials throughout the year.

- go green !!

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Iconic jellyfish of the POP range of clothing
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