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At POP, we believe in fashion that doesn't harm the planet.  Our mission is to provide you with eco-friendly leisure wear that not only feels amazingly soft but also contributes to a cleaner, greener Earth, without costing the Earth!!   All our garments are made from recycled fabrics,  organic cotton, and recycled polyester.  Some of our bags also include recycled plastic bottles removed from the oceans!!  Our garments' production process adheres to the Sustainable Global Standards Act, ensuring that every item meets the highest environmental and ethical criteria.  To minimize waste, all our garments are made to order.  This not only reduces excess inventory but also allows us to tailor the items according to your preferences.  Even our packaging is eco-friendly.  We use biodegradable materials and recycled cardboard to pack your orders, ensuring that your purchase is not only guilt-free but also zero-waste.  Explore our range of comfortable and relaxed-fit clothing for men and women, all made from recycled and organic materials.​  Join us in making a difference. 

Choose POP for sustainable, soft, and stylish leisure wear that makes you look good and feel great, inside and out.​

Iconic jellyfish logo of the POP range of clothing
lady wearing a pink cap and blue shirt from the POP range of clothing
Iconic jellyfish of the POP range of clothing
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