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Hi, I'm Tracy.  I'm a mother of three sons, a small business owner, a wife to an adoring husband and am constantly questioning and searching for answers.  I've run an embroidery business for over 19 years and am witness to how buyers are changing their choices when it comes to garments.  While the embroidery business is corporate driven, I wanted to find a way to offer the non-corporate industry alternatives when it comes to clothing.  Over the past few years manufacturers have made a mindful change at how they produce their garments and some have made significant changes - all in the bid to operate more ethically not only to our planet, but to its inhabitants - us!   From this, I created a range of garments and included some bags and called it POP.  POP means Protect Our Planet, Playing our Part and in some cases Percentage Of Plastic.

I wanted a range of clothing that everyone wears.  It needed to be comfortable, easy care, dress up or dress down-able, unisex and eco-friendly, oh and doesn't cost the earth!!    The POP Range consists of all the above and more.  The garments are made from recycled fabrics,  organic cotton and recycled polyester.  Some of our bags also include recycled plastic bottles removed from the oceans!!   To minimize waste, all our garments are made to order.  The most surprising feature of all of these products is how incredibly soft they feel, to touch and to wear against your skin.   POP is available to everyone and the range is expanding all the time. 

I hope you find comfort in wearing these garments and peace of mind that you're Playing Your Part.

- Tracy

Iconic jellyfish logo of the POP range of clothing
lady wearing a pink cap and blue shirt from the POP range of clothing
Iconic jellyfish of the POP range of clothing
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