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Recycled Waist Bag revealed

The Ideal Walkers' Waist Bag

If you're like me and enjoy the outdoors and aren't keen on taking a big bag or back pack, then this may be of interest to you. It's a little bag that goes by many names: waist wallet, belt bag, belly bag, chaos pouch, buffalo pouch, hip sack, butt pack, bum bag, moon bag, a sac banane in France and last but not least fanny pack in the USA.

I call it a waist bag.

Why you need one

As mentioned before, I enjoy the outdoors. I walk daily with my dog, Shelley and while we sometimes pop into shops during our walks (needing a backpack) most of the time we just walk the estate, along the canal or through a nearby forest. Shelley is a retired guide dog so is generally very well behaved off lead, but treats always come in handy!

Then there's the poo bags, I don't much care for the little plastic pouches that dangle off the lead or dogs collar so they either fill my jacket pockets or in my jeans back pocket.

Tissues are also a staple on a walk, either for myself or to wipe her mouth after sniffing everything in sight and slobbering drool from mouth breathing. Then there's the phone, that definitely comes with, it's either a great time to catch up with friends on a call while being out in nature and free from distractions at home, or I take photos. A small bottle of water is also something that comes along. Carrying all this with me in my waist bag frees up my hands for either the lead, the phone or to pick up poo! 😆

Believe it or not, all this fits into the little waist bag and comfortably too! 👌

Hands Free Hiking

I've used my waist bag for all scenarios, just a walk through town, at the market, on a hike and when cycling - granted this was a while ago but nevertheless it was handy - or should that be hand-less? 😊. What I like about it is that it has two zippers... one main front zip for the big pocket where tissues, treats, water bottle and poo bags go and a zip at the back which sits against my tummy where my phone goes. I like this as it's safe and not easily accessible or visible to others!! The whole bag is extremely lightweight and sits comfortably across my hips. The adjustment strap is easy to adjust without hassle too. The best thing about this little bag is that it's made using recycled plastic bottles. I haven't tested it in the rain, but considering the care instructions advise to sponge wipe clean, I would assume it's not totally waterproof.

The Verdict

The functionality of the waist bag is ideal for those who want their hands to be free but still need somewhere safe to keep their keys, tissues, phone and money. The only con I can think of is the "none-tested" waterproofness of it. Using logic and that it sits close to your body, it's fairly sheltered from the rain, at least the inside pocket is - keep your phone in there!!

The colours it is available in are vibrant if you want them to be, or neutral . . . check them out here. Mine is petrol and I love it!!

If you're needing a bigger bag with bigger capacity, we have those available too. I personally own the backpack and the roll top laptop bag - both are brilliant and are very well traveled!! More on these another time.

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